Playboy Photoshoot

When a renowned photographer, like Cassandra Keyes, calls you up and asks you to meet her and a couple playboy models at a remote cabin in the woods where there is no cell reception the first thing you should ask is “When does the serial killer arrive?”

I was so excited to be a part of this shoot because I would be working with some big names within the industry under one of the largest publications in the world. I also had the opportunity of seeing a couple of remote locations I would never get to see if it wasn’t for these photoshoots. One being the infamous cabin in the woods. It was like I had walked into a day dream that one would have if they were stuck in an office and thinking to themselves “this is where I’d rather be…” The other, a bed and breakfast resembling a tranquil oasis planted between farms and a highway. It offered an intricate landscape of exotic plants, trees, flowers and herbs and a couple koi ponds to throw your wishes into.

I created a simple and clean look for both of the models. I Used neutral tones to enhance the model’s natural beauty, I added a high gloss lip to promote their pouty lips, and gave them both light and flirty lashes.

I would absolutely love to be a part of a shoot like this again. The days were jam packed and every brush in my belt was used and abused, but the result, the location, and getting to know new people with such talent is so worth it!

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