Wedding Makeup And Why You Should Leave It To The Professionals

You did it! You found the person of your dreams! The person you want to build your life with and now its time to make it official and throw a celebration in the company of friends, family members and devoted bar staff (not all heroes wear capes.) Now its time to hunker down and cross some to do’s off your list. Think about your special day and how you would like it to go. Smoothly would be ideal, right? Right! Have you ever had one of those days where you have either overdrawn your brows, your liner seems to have taken a different route than planned, or your foundation is in separation city? We’ve all been there. Its pretty safe to assume that if you could lessen the chance (or rid it all together) you would, especially on your wedding day! When you book a professional makeup artist with experience the chances of this happening would be very rare. And if you book a trial the chances would be zero.
Trials are so important. Every artist is different. We wouldn’t be called artists if we all did the same thing. And you need to make sure that the artist you are booking is the right one for you and your style! Its such an important day, so make sure you book someone that you don’t mind hanging out with and someone that can make you feel calm and happy (that’s especially important for those early mornings!) That being said, booking a mobile makeup artist will make all the memories of the day positive ones. You don’t need to leave your house, you don’t have to commute and you can drink mimosas in your pyjamas!

You’ve made many investments in your wedding, including your photos! You have done all the research to find the perfect photographer. The same effort needs to go into finding your makeup artist. Professionals are highly trained to know what style and products work best for photos. Since you’ll be spending the money on the photos, spend the money on ensuring their quality. You’ll thank yourself when you receive your wedding album and see the memories, not the flaws.

When it comes to your special day, put yourself, and your spouse-to-be, first. You will be the centre of attention, as you deserve to be, and you’re going to want to feel at your best when you celebrate with the people who love you the most.
If you want to make all your memories happy ones contact Dana England Makeup Artistry and let us take the worry out of your day!

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